A lush landscape is a great treat to watch; it can be in your backyard, a nearby park or commercial space. The colorful flowers not only look pretty to your eyes but also bring joy with its fragrance. Everyone is aware and appreciates the beauty of a well-maintained landscape but are you aware of the value it brings beyond the aesthetics? It offers a great deal more than beauty says experts at CF Landscaping. These benefits range from health to environmental, and the list is endless. Read more about the health benefits of landscaping here www.healthfitnessrevolution.com/top-10-health-benefits-gardening-landscaping/.
Listed below are some of the benefits of landscaping.

Environmental benefits:
● A well-managed landscape can act as a natural coolant and grass is way cooler than other forms of cement and asphalt. A green lawn acts as an air conditioner to not just the landscape but also the surrounding area. As per some studies, it is reported than green lawns can help reduce the temperature by 31 degrees whereas just bare soil reduces it by 20 degrees. Moreover, when your yard is covered by tall trees or shrubs can lower the heat in your roof attic by 40 degrees.
● Grass on the landscape aids in holding the dust and other particles that can potentially cause pollution and is useful in absorbing harmful gases and producing fresh air.
● Helps to retain water in the water bodies. It also aids in absorbing water that will otherwise enter the fresh water source. Especially in areas where there is a water shortage, landscapes and lawns help in sustain the water bodies and provide a lot of benefits.

Benefits of landscaping in urban spaces:
Studies conducted by environmentalists has shown that it is critical that trees and plants are part of the cities and town and they provide a variety of benefits and give better health to the people living in those areas.
● Trees and shrubs can absorb noise and hence reduce noise pollution which is rampant in urban areas.
● It is also believed that people who have even a patch of green around the house have reduced cases of stress and lower blood pressure.
● Walking in parks which are covered by lush green trees and vibrant flowers are known to improve not only the physical health and the attention span and memory of the walkers.

Psychological benefits: Various studies have shown that people who live around plants and trees they have reduced stress levels. They also get a break from sitting in the office for long and get to breathe the fresh air they circulate. Not only adults, kids too can benefit from being outdoors surrounded by green landscapes and focus well. Research has proven that productivity of employees improves when they are in an environment which is fresh and green as their cognitive functions improved. When you are surrounded by plants, you feel connected to nature and lead a physically and mentally healthy life.

The world is changing and gradually losing all its natural resources, by landscaping you can connect people with nature and reduce the stress to help people relax and enjoy life better as well as lead a better quality life.