refreshers2Have you ever tasted Swizzles products? It offers Sweet Bon Bon in different flavors. Swizzle Refreshers are blended with lemon and strawberry flavor and it is different from the Drumstick version. Apart from the different flavors of lemon and strawberry Swizzle Refreshers, it also has a fizzy centre. There are many different brands available in market other than bonbon. In earlier days, the school going children used to buy the little bonbons that cost only little from the sweet shop. The older days bonbons were very sugary and a nostalgic sweet that gives you jaw pain.
Some people are looking for strong sweet scent and also high lemon and strawberry smell in Swizzle Refreshers but the products was lacked to offer it. You will not find the strong lemon flavor as desired but once you chew the centre of the Swizzle you can get the desired strong lemon scent. The lemon flavor was not bitter rather it is sweeter and a fruitier lemon taste with less bitterness.
But it doesn’t offer the fizzy taste in the middle that you have experienced in your childhood that started to fizz on your tongue once you bite the centre. Bonbon appears to be fizzy in texture but it lacks in the flavor. There are people whose choice is the stronger flavor of lemon but most of the chocolates in recent periods have either stronger lemon scent or fizzy and it lacks to offer both in a single product.
When you compare the strawberry flavor with the lemon, it has strong strawberry flavor than the lemon scent in the lemon flavor. You can experience the solid strawberry presence once you start biting the chocolate. But the drawback in this flavor is you cannot find the distinct centre as in the lemon flavor. The strawberry flavor lacks the fizzy centre.
Even though the strawberry flavor is sweet and has nice strawberry flavor it fails in the fizzy middle in the chocolate. Few people consider that the two flavors are not satisfied to them and not equal to their standards. The lemon flavor is very sour and lacks the fizzy as those in earlier days where the strawberry flavor is more sweet and fruity and fails the fizzy centre.
Many people are crazy of Bonbons but this bonbon though has the similar texture of bonbon but it doesn’t have enough chewy texture and it is not up to the standard of bonbon. Only few of them have the perfect consistency and are also soft and easy to chew but most of them are not easy to chew.
It is perfect for the people who like light flavor and The Swizzle refreshers are not considered to be bad but those who prefer strong flavor might give it lesser priority. If you are expecting true bonbon flavor in refreshers than you will be the loser. The lemon flavor has solid lemon scent with little sourness but the strawberry one is very mild. The ingredients in the refreshers differ in both the strawberry and lemon bonbons but there are common ingredients available in both the flavors.