Strong Women

Our world consists of many strong women. Everyone and everyone has their own definition of strength and someone they understand that can be put on this particular list, respectively. A powerful girl could be your mom, aunt, cousin, wife, girlfriend, teacher, you, or the cashier in the department store.

The matters that you do not see are just as significant, if not more significant, than the matters that you do see when you examine a lady. What you see is nearly the outcome of effort, time, loss, pain and hope, among other things. The main reason I say nearly the ending is because every minute of that day, with each day, we’re growing, reaching learning and working out predicament or a fresh vision.

A girl that is powerful does not want you to break through obstacles to reach her soul. Her soul is there when you look into her eyes and you’ll see it. She has felt the sting of loss , and it understands the many forms of love. She does not depend on others but understands when to ask for help. If she’s formed a blunder, she is responsible enough to possess it and learns from it. A powerful girl understands whom to keep at bay and the way to take care of individuals, whom to keep close.

“A strong woman is a girl decided to do something others are determined not be done.”~ Marge Piercy

I use to believe that a number of girls I understood where poor. That’s really how I defined individuals, two classes, powerful and weak. I had a few powerful women in my personal life; thick skinned, tough, driven, yet quite warm. Now, their laughter rings in my ears. I am able to let you know that I’ve learned a good deal about life from them. Have you ever learned valuable life lessons from other girls? Has your life changed?

A woman that is strong might not tell you where she draws on her internal strength from or what precisely she’s gone through, that’s up to you personally to figure out if she would like you to understand, or she’ll let you know. Life has not hardened her adoring soul, but has been made softer and much more sentimental with time.