There are plenty of options available for you when looking for a new door both for interior or exterior purposes. You can choose doors made from several materials like vinyl, steel, wood, aluminium doors etc. Each of these door materials has different characteristics that make them suitable for different room types. Among them, some door materials are available only in specific size also.

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Apart from using the above door materials for windows or doors, they have also considered as important because of their aesthetic value. In many historical cities, the oak tree is planted because of their appearance and character. The website explains the life, growth and uses of an oak tree.

Among the various door options many homeowners prefer wooden doors because of its durability. Wooden doors are available in both high cost and cheap price. If you want 100% genuine wood, then you can choose expensive wooden doors or if you can spend only reasonable cost then you can buy simulated wood.

Like other door materials, wood is also prone to changing climate and you need to maintain them constantly to look them beautiful and better functional even after using them for several years. Maintenance is mandatory if you use wooden doors for external use. Some of the wooden doors shrink after some years and you just imagine how your doors look after few years.

You can follow the tips explained below to make the wooden doors functioning properly and look good at any time.

Whether it is an internal or external door, it easily collects dirt and soot after some time. This is natural and you can remove them by cleaning the door using cotton and water regularly so that you can prevent acidic that spoils your door finishing. The perfect methods to clean the wooden door is clean the door thoroughly twice once in a year using a damp cloth. If there is a large amount of dirt then you can clean it with warm water and a non-abrasive soap.

You must check the door frequently for water penetration particularly if you use the wooden door for an external purpose. The wooden doors can easily crack and permit water to soak in when you failed to clean and maintain it regularly. At worst cases, it can also rot when there is excessive moisture inside. If the door faces such situation, you can chisel the rot and utilize a filter to wrap the hole. After it dried completely, you need to sand and cover the wood.

You can also recoat the finishing if the existing finishing peeled off. You must remember that if the previous finish is oil-based, then you want to ensure that you use oil-based one for refinishing.

Finally, you must ensure to maintain the wooden door regularly for effective functioning in the long run.